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    I've been using my phone for awhile now (Nokia Lumia 900, Windows Phone 7.5). I rather like it quite a bit, but I came across an issue today and can't seem to find a fix for it anywhere. (I'm hoping it's something simple that I'm just overlooking.) I synced some pictures to it. It's a collection of wallpapers that I saved while I used an iPod. The folder they're located in is in a subfolder of Dropbox (User>Dropbox>Shared>Wallpapers - Mobile). I have Zune including my Dropbox folder in its picture collection database. I can find the folder in Zune with no problem and all the wallpapers are there. I right-clicked the folder and chose sync to phone. It did so, and now I can get to the pictures from the phone's Pictures app.

    (The following is in Album view unless I mention otherwise) The problem is that the pictures aren't in an album. The other pictures that are synced to the phone end up in an album, a different album for each folder. The album takes its name from the folder and even preserves the folder structure. I know this because under Saved Pictures, there's a folder, in that folder is a group of three more albums, each with pictures. But there's no album for the wallpapers I added. I can manage to get to the pictures, but only by changing to Date view. Date view has a nice, long list of every picture on the phone. If I go up long enough, I start finding the wallpapers. But for obvious reasons, this isn't very useful or convenient. Anyone have any idea as to why the wallpapers were added to the phone but they're not in any albums?

    -I checked each album on the phone. Every single one in Album view. None had the wallpapers.
    -I'm using Dropbox for a reason. Switching to Skydrive is not an option.
    -On the off chance a shortcut would work (I didn't think it would, but what's the harm in trying), I made a shortcut to the folder and placed that in My Pictures. But of course, Zune doesn't know what to do with a shortcut (and I wouldn't expect it to).
    -I tried syncing other folders, but they didn't create album, either. Not even ones I had in My Pictures.

    Any help on the subject would be greatly appreciated.
    01-12-2013 10:55 PM

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