1. jbanks25#CB's Avatar
    Has anyone else experienced off and on problems with Gmail. At times I am having trouble syncing (Turning off my calendar sync seems to cure it). Also, a couple of times today I was asked to give Windows Phone permission to access google (Like I did when I first had to set up the account). I love having imap instant emails back, but it seems to have some bugs. (Lumia 1520)
    04-17-2014 02:37 PM
  2. ashram's Avatar
    i've had that issue... I use 2 gmail accounts... one using exchange (been using it that way since wm5 ) and the other via imap. The imap account tends to not dl sometimes or will not dl overnight, despite being set to every 15 minutes, not "based on my usage". but telling it not to sync everything and then telling it to seems to fix it.

    now I did have a calendar issue where it would not connect to the imap calendar at all. I had to go to google and find the calendar "link" and added that to the phone. seems to have worked no problem.
    04-17-2014 02:41 PM

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