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    So, while studying, I stumbled upon something impressive, yet confusing. I own two windows phones: An L925 as my actual phone and an L520 as a media player and a reserve phone, though mostly a media player with a 64gb card in it.

    Anyway, I sync SOME music on my 925 due to lack of space, and xbox music has been **** poor as we all know. I normally use Nokia Mix but after each Music update I check out xbox music to see if there's any progress with archiving errors and screwing up metadata. Usually that never changes, and the same story was for my 520.

    I had resynced my music to the sdcard about a week ago with similar results on the 520, so i opted for Mix Radio as expected, but once xbox music app updated, I decided to humor it and see how it would look on the 520.

    It. Got. EVERYTHING. Correct.

    Seriously, I did nothing different with syncing than I did with my 925 and even my game soundtracks are perfectly archived and tagged the way I had them. No more changing "Halo: Original Soundtrack" to "Sluts of Trust," no "Metroid: Original Soundtrack" to "John Carpenter." As well, ALL album art is there. EVERYTHING. I'm shocked... too shocked for words. I have theories as to how this went down:

    1. I was extraordinarily lucky, as recent tests of mine yielded some random degree of success in music syncing.

    2. The update actually did address something, i.e. the tampering of metadata... but I think that's unlikely, considering the music on my 925 is still FUBARed. I'll delete and resync the music on there and see if there's any difference in success rate.

    3. I ignored it and the problem went away. This... is actually most plausible as it's what happened when I first moved to WP8 when the Music+Videos hub was screwed up like xbox music is (was?) now. I got tired of syncing, deleting, retagging for the 30th time, and resyncing again to get no progress, so I finally gave up and dealt with it... until one day everything was perfect.


    Theory 4: No connection to xbox music as I don't always have my 520 connected to wifi, let alone cellular as it's not my main phone. With no online xbox music to f*ck the metadata, it's leaving it as is. This might actually be plausible. I'll test when I get to reliable wifi. Further substantiated by no artist backgrounds.

    I'm not sure guys. What are your thoughts?
    06-11-2014 03:00 PM

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