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    Hi guys,

    I've had the DP of WP8.1 for around 3ish months. I've had a WP since WP8 was released in 2012(?) and Windows 8 since the same time. I bought a Xbox One when they came out. Obviously I am a MS enthusiast (border line fan boy, but only when people dumb it down and write it off, imo phone OS's are about personal preferences).

    My WP8.1 device is the Lumia Icon. I love the phone. When I first got the DP, it was buggy. And don't get me started on Xbox Music (lil rant: The beta XM app on WP8 ran 10x better than the WP8.1 version, ridiculous)

    I kept it because with Cortana and the Action Center WP was just too great. Made WP a completely different experience. Quick settings, notifications from every app. And start screen backgrounds made live tiles even more beautiful. (I love the modern design of Windows, its what got me into WP)

    After a few DP updates I noticed bugs starting to disappear. Battery life got better and the stupid lock screen Icon bug stopped (except for random occasions, hopefully Verizon will fix this with real update). Xbox Music is now even usable and expect it will get better (XM Locker will hopefully solve its biggest problem for me, syncing. The locker will allow for one collection streamable on any xm device, downloading too I hope)

    As of today I am still in love with WP. I could never go to another device. My OPINIONS are that iOS isn't as visually appealing and that Android is even more anti visually appealing and buggy/laggy. But it doesn't stop there. I would never go back to WP8 either. Used a friends 928 that he's to lazy to update to DP, and I felt disappointed.

    Overall I would recommend WP8.1 to anyone. All my friends love it, but many dont want to learn a new OS, and that's OK. I like being different.

    People dis WP all the time because in the smartphone/tech community its socially accepted. People believe every article they read with out proof, hell one of the writers that review WP said that he had never used it, but he still reviewed it. We are the little wimpy nerd that gets bullied in the smartphone community. That's not OK and I hope one day it will end.

    Use the phone YOU want, everything else is just opinions.
    07-17-2014 06:22 PM
  2. Keith Brooks's Avatar
    I totally agree with you on all front's. I've used Windows Phone 8.1 Developer Preview since May when I received my Nokia Lumia 521. I absolutely love it. I'd never use a iPhone as you need a new phone every time the come out with a new o.s. I'd never get a Andriod, as Google is a spyware king (tracking cookies) and now Chrome is a known battery drainer. I've had no such issue's with Windows 8.1 (desktop pc & laptop) or Windows Phone 8.1 Developer Preview on my Lumia 521.
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    07-17-2014 09:05 PM
  3. SRK62's Avatar
    My Lumia 720 working with wdp 8.1 awesome
    07-18-2014 07:12 AM

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