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    What I'm seeing with playlists and syncing happens on every WP 8.1 (denim) I own (635, 1520, 640, 1020). I sync music to my phone using the sync function in Windows Media Player. I drop a playlist into sync to the SD card (or phone) and wait for it to finish.

    When I look on my phone in either Music or Nokia's smiley face music app, I get duplicate copies of the playlists. Even happens on different computers. I do not have duplicate playlists and I have wiped all music, artists, playlists and album information off my phone and/or SD card.

    What you would see is:

    Rad Music List
    Rad Music List (2)

    If a song in Rad Music List is in another playlist, the 2nd list is synced as well; even if I didn't sync it. So the list would look like:

    Rad Music List
    Rad Music List (2)
    Ultra Music List
    (it shows only one item in the playlist)

    Am I doing this wrong? How should I be syncing or is it just broken?

    11-10-2015 10:36 AM

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