1. Sanpd's Avatar
    Hello, I've got a question for you the clever folks of WPCentral which I sadly haven't been able to find much information about;

    Which File types and formats does WP8 Support? I know the most common fil types such as mp3 and mp4 already is supported on WP7. However the very common used Avi format is not.

    I'd would apprieciate a list of confirmed supported file formats and types.

    10-16-2012 05:49 AM
  2. SnailUK's Avatar
    WP7 supported codecs

    Well the above is the WP7 list. I can't imagine it changing for WP8.
    10-16-2012 06:46 AM
  3. futurix's Avatar
    I think it is highly likely that the list WILL change! For starters WP8 supports higher screen resolutions, so support for HD resolutions and higher bit rates would be reasonable to expect.

    Also, I believe that WP8 allows third party apps to register certain file formats to be opened in apps - so there's a possibility of even wider support for various formats.
    10-16-2012 06:50 AM
  4. Sanpd's Avatar
    Anyone have any more information regarding on this subject?
    10-23-2012 04:22 AM