1. thatotherdude24's Avatar
    I have 4 email accounts on my phone and have them linked together into 1 inbox, gmail is my primary email. On Android on iOS when I would select an email on my phone and delete it, it would go to my trash on gmail. On WP8 when I delete an email on my phone it totally deletes it from gmail as well, doesn't move it to the trash. The only way I have found to be able to delete an email without deleting it totally is to instead of pushing delete on my phone I select 'move' and move it to the trash. Anybody else notice this?
    11-18-2012 09:20 AM
  2. downstevedown's Avatar
    I just deleted two GMail messages, and they appear in my trash. I wonder if there's a setting somewhere...
    11-18-2012 09:23 AM
  3. thatotherdude24's Avatar
    I wonder if there is because I remember in iOS having to change a setting...anybody know what setting?
    11-18-2012 09:26 AM

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