1. Daniel0418's Avatar
    I haven't heard anything, I don't even know if the first update will come this year or even early next year. What I do think, is that everyones outlook on Microsoft and Windows Phone 8 will be much brighter once we get a glimpse at what Microsoft is working on in future updates. Lets be honest, after Windows phone 7.5 came out, Microsoft spent most of their time switching over to the new kernal and getting drive/software updates to work with all the new hardware. But as far as features go, there aren't too many new consumer facing features compared to WP7.5. So I am pretty excited to see what Microsoft is going to do in their first update to windows phone 8. I think the thought of getting additional support and features beyond what we have now will really excite a lot of people. Developers included. Considering what happened to everyone on the last generation of devices. Anyone else excited? And has anyone heard anything? :)
    11-24-2012 02:43 AM
  2. Tahiti Bob's Avatar
    WP8 hasn't been out a month yet so to be fair I don't care about news of new features. What should be done is
    a) fixing the bugs (the ones related to Xbox Music/Video and purchase history are unacceptable)
    b) bringing new apps to the OS. It's nice to promise 46 of the top 50 iOS and android apps but if they take more than 6 months to come, it's a bit ridiculous. The average person who buys a phone wants the apps available now, not a promise of apps
    c) do the above in less than six months. You don't want people to avoid the OS because they constantly hear about bugs so fix it ASAP.
    Then we can think about new features.
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    11-24-2012 03:01 AM
  3. Lilleverden's Avatar
    I do agree with Tahiti

    This is what they should focus on:
    1. Bug fixes( battery, NFC, email sync, reboot problems etc)
    2. Getting apps that they have removed, back for wp8, tunein, spotify etc ( updated versions of course)
    3. Getting old apps updated, twitter, FB, etc
    3. New apps
    4. Then we can talk new features
    11-24-2012 08:16 AM
  4. marbla's Avatar
    I think they should do a push toward corporate features too if they really hope to get customers there. I am thinking of encrypted wifi standards in particular that is currently virtually completely missing. I agree that all the other features have a high priority but if people can't use their phone at work then they can forget a lot of users right off the bat (thinking of all the college students that usually are early adopters who I cant see moving without their wifi being supported).
    11-24-2012 08:24 AM
  5. jsk0703's Avatar
    I read somewhere that the rumored plan was March and then September for major updates. Doesn't mean they won't release smaller updates and bug fixes in the meantime.
    11-24-2012 09:47 AM

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