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    Borrowing the title from something I heard long back: Thank God, you made me an Atheist.

    • I was not a Microsoft fan until I used Android phone (Epic 4G).

    Within a week, I found phone slow and dragging and even my WinMo6.5 looked better.
    From that point, I have been a Microsoft fan.
    Paid ETF to move from Epic 4G to Lumia 900.
    Paid Early Upgrade fee to move to Lumia 920.

    • And I didn't stop there.

    I started using Hotmail.com to read my Gmails.
    Yes, that is possible.
    The push may not be working the way people want.
    I think, it checks every 30 min or so.
    But, didn't bother me.
    I disable push in my work email also.
    I believe nothing will happen in 30 min.
    If I am really expecting a mail, I do Send / Receive manually.
    Similarly, when I do a "Forgot password" at any website, I check the mail at Gmail.
    Else, it is always Hotmail.com (or the new Outlook.com).
    All the contacts moved seamlessly to Hotmail.

    Stopped using Gmail calendar also.

    • I always hated the look and feel of Google docs.

    So, never used it.
    Now, with Skydrive, when I send document attachment, I use Skydrive it send it.

    • Stopped using Google Maps.

    I found the Bing maps is equally good.
    The street view is not there everywhere.
    But, I don't use street view frequently.
    Google maps gives a better satellite view for my hometown in India.
    But, not enough to see the playground where I played.
    So, it is really don't care.

    • Closed my Google+ account.

    • And the big one.

    Reduced (have not yet stopped) using google search.
    I made the move at around Jan 2012.
    At some point of time I was using both of them 50-50.
    Now, I used bing search for more than 95% of time.

    I don't use Google image search.

    From products, to image, to web, I use only bing.com.

    When I talk about this to my friends, they say bing search is just not good.
    They have not used bing lately.
    Apart from very very hardcore technical stuff, for all the needs, bing.com is equally good (if not better).
    And when I say hardcore technical, I really mean a deep dive into something technical.
    For all my work related stuff, bing has never failed.
    In fact, I have constantly compared google output and bing output (recently using bingiton.com).
    If you really want to put numbers I would say bing is 99% as good as google.

    • I also have started speaking about Microsoft, Windows and Bing.

    Previously, I used to say something like this: "If you don't know the answer, google it.".
    Now, "If you don't know the answer, search in internet.".
    I know, I didn't say "bing it".
    But, I will be there.
    I frequently speak about Windows phone to all my friends.
    Again, thank you Android.
    I found that moving from Google to Microsoft was not difficult.
    My wife was using Google docs extensively.
    Now, she has moved to Skydrive.

    Having said that let me tell you what do I miss from Android

    • Google navigation.

    The look an feel was 100x better than Nokia Drive.
    But again, with Nokia Drive, I drove from San Jose to Lake Tahoe.
    With Google navigation, I couldn't drive from San Jose to San Francisco.
    I was using power (either through invertor, or USB) in both the cases.
    With USB power, Android died in around 50 min and Lumia 900 died in around 3 hours.
    With invertor (full 120V), Android heated up in around 50 min, and nothing happened to Lumia 900.

    • I miss showing off Swype keyboard.

    Somehow Swype never felt comfortable more than a few words.
    So, for texting it was nice.
    For mailing I always used the keyboard.

    • And some apps.

    mint.com, yodlee, waze.
    Sorry for the long post guys.
    But, as I said, I am a Microsoft fan, now.
    What did you expect??
    12-14-2012 03:30 PM
  2. anujtwp's Avatar
    I can relate this story to myself, pretty much.. I am halfway.. Till now, more than happy with Microsoft+Nokia services.
    12-14-2012 04:09 PM
  3. david90531's Avatar
    I was once an Android fan too, still using an Android tablet too. But I think as a phone you gotta have WP, so much simpler and makes your life 100X easier
    12Danny123 likes this.
    12-14-2012 04:19 PM
  4. techie1961's Avatar
    I just made the switch to WP8 with a Lumia 920. Great phone but there are definitely some bugs. Mostly with Bluetooth for me. I left Android (Samsung Galaxy Nexus) after being fed up with the Jelly Bean update. It has been broken since release and they don't seem to be making much improvement. 100% fail rate trying to voice dial with a bluetooth headset (many others with same issue).

    I have to say that I am really loving the Lumia 920. It just feels so luxurious and solid and the OS is amazing and silky. Great phone that will only get better.

    BTW, previously I have tried them all, iPhone (3 and 3S), Blackberry (multiples), Android (multiples), Windows Mobile, Palm, Symbian, etc. This is the most I have ever liked a phone.
    12-14-2012 09:46 PM

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