1. manunitedfan5's Avatar
    I use google manly for google discussions, when I first bought the Lumia, I couldn't get to google discussions, there was no option for that, someone suggested to change the internet desktop and accept cookies, I did that and it worked perfectly. Everytime I go to google.com, it would load up like my desktop would including google discussions..

    Couple of days ago I started having issues with google.com, with no change in settings all of a sudden everytime I go to google.com it would load the mobile version (without google discussions) and when I go down and choose classic version, it loaded a dated google.com with no discussions!!

    Is anybody else experiencing the same issue, or have a fix for it?

    Also does Bing have something similar to google discussions? I can't seem to find the option on Bing...

    Thanks in advance..
    12-29-2012 03:34 PM
  2. jbrothman88's Avatar
    I had a similiar issue when I was trying to go to the Google Play store. Google Play wasn't an option under Google mobile version so I just typed in Google Play in the search box. The link shows so I use that to reach the store. I think you could try to do the same with Google Discussions. I hope that helps.
    12-29-2012 04:10 PM
  3. manunitedfan5's Avatar
    Thanks for the suggestion, but in my case when I google google discussions, it shows google groups, discussions is like a filter for forums, for example if I search Lumia 920 review in google discussions, it would show me all forums results... I need to find something that does the same thing as google discussions or find a fix for this random issue, because it worked before...
    12-30-2012 07:35 PM
  4. gibbyhome's Avatar
    That is pretty kewl, I don't use google at all because I just don't trust an advertising company with any of my data. I do think that is a good feature that I would use so I will search around and see what I can find..
    Sent from my RM-820_nam_att_100 using Board Express
    12-30-2012 07:58 PM
  5. manunitedfan5's Avatar
    Haha no problem, yahoo used to have something similar to google discussions but not anymore unfortunately..
    12-30-2012 08:13 PM
  6. Nogitsune Micah's Avatar
    Haha no problem, yahoo used to have something similar to google discussions but not anymore unfortunately..
    What you mean yahoo groups?
    12-31-2012 01:52 AM
  7. manunitedfan5's Avatar
    No, in yahoo they used to have yahoo boards (like 3-4 years ago) or something like that, where it would only show forums, like google discussions, but now, its not an option, and if click more yahoo sites, there is yahoo message boards, when you click on that its just yahoos own forums..
    12-31-2012 02:11 AM
  8. SinisterDuck's Avatar
    Google really doesn't want us to use them. Discrimination! Prejudice! Hate!

    I have other options. I'll use some of the Google apps on my iPad, but for a company who, on their face, promotes an "open Internet", they are blocking stuff, or making it more difficult to get to. I'll use them less and less. I'm finding fewer reasons to go there.
    01-01-2013 11:57 AM
  9. manunitedfan5's Avatar
    Its really annoying, now just hoping to find something like google discussions..
    01-02-2013 08:37 PM
  10. AngryNil's Avatar
    Are you seeing Google Discussions on your PC, then? I can't find anything on Windows + Chrome, it's possible Google has deprecated it or its name.
    01-02-2013 09:43 PM
  11. manunitedfan5's Avatar
    I do see it on my laptop, search Nokia Lumia 920 for example, and you know how there is web, images, shopping, etc, there should be more, click on that a drop down menu pop up and there should be an option to choose discussions
    01-03-2013 02:40 AM
  12. brmiller1976's Avatar
    Google has an active campaign to depreciate user experience on Windows Phone. This got revealed (fairly controversially) today when Microsoft included evidence in their complaint over YouTube API restrictions... specifically, correspondence from a Google executive who instructed YouTube personnel to make sure that YouTube works poorly on WP.
    01-03-2013 03:57 AM

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