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    Finished reading the article about why thier haven't been any games or because a lack of it.

    But is this such a bog thing? I would assume that a lot of the budget has gone to 720 development and Marketing.

    Also it seems that their are quite a bit of Windows 8 games coming out and in development. (The new studio lift London is only focusing on tablets at the moment and Rare was being for Developers for windows 8)

    Any who their was an article about Lift London and where Microsoft's European studios fit in.


    With Lift London added to its ranks, Harrisons Microsoft Studios line-up appears to have all bases covered. Lift on tablets; Soho on Xbox Live; Press Play on mobile; Rare on family friendly games like the seven-million-selling Kinect Sports series; and Lionhead focusing on story-driven games for a traditional audience.

    So Skulls of the shogun is launching soon, and shortly after that their is the windows phone version of Ascend New Gods. Also press play has something its working on as well.

    So while it seems that Microsoft has abandoned us in favor of Xbox and tablets their still should be more on the Way. I do think Microsoft should be more aggressive with getting developers on the platform though.

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