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    Hi All,

    I hope this is in the right thread - I didn't see one specifically for accessories. I currently own a Lumia 920 and recently bought a windshield mount for my car that can hold it. The mount is awesome, I just run my stereo-to-cassette cable from the device into the cassette player and get full audio in my car. Having SMS to speech and the Hey DJ! app make communicating and navigating my music a breeze, with one exception. In order to activate TellMe and use speech recognition, I need to manually hold the Windows button on my phone, which is near the center of my dashboard and somewhat inconvenient.

    Does anyone know of an accessory that would pair with my Lumia via Bluetooth and give me the ability to hold a button to activate tell me and the ability to tap the same button to answer calls, pause music, etc.? This would be similar to the small controls found on headphones that can control volume, skip music, answer calls, TellMe, etc. So far, what I have found is that I can pair my 920 with my JBL power-up speakers, then plug my headphones into the device and listen to the music through them while being able to use the play/pause functionality on the speakers. This would tell me that a Bluetooth pairing shouldn't have an effect on stereo audio.

    My ultimate goal would be to have a small button on my steering wheel that could do this, although I'm sure it would have to be powered/rechargeable. Essentially, I'm looking for a Bluetooth headset, without the audio/microphone. :P

    If anyone has seen something like this, I'd be very grateful to learn about it!

    02-24-2013 04:08 PM

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