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    I am trying to setup my daughters tablet and new windows 8 phone. She currently uses gmail although i do have direct live and hotmail accounts for her as well. This process is so frustrating. The microsoft websites are so buggy it's ridicolous.

    1) If I try to connect her ms live account to gmail, it says I need to get enable pop settings. Ok, fine, I would do that, but my concerns are that is her tablet AND phone now going to download her mail locally? I would need to check off the setting in gmail pop to leave copies on the server? But then it seems she would have a mess trying to maintain all three systems, gmail online, tablet, and phone.

    2) Is there a better way for her to have a setup where all the email is online, and her tablet and phone have access to that email, but she can manage and cleanup from any place and the changes are seen everywhere? If I forward her gmail emails to one of her msn live accounts, will her tablet and phone stay in sync?

    When somebody has a windows 8 phone, an windows RT tablet, and a windows notebook, was is the best, easiest, most centralized way to have email setup?
    03-02-2013 11:19 AM

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