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    Hi there Mr. and Mrs. Microsoft,

    this is Peter from Germany and I`ll give my very best to tell you what I think in English, becouse you dont hear me in Germany!

    The thing is, that Im coming during my buisiness time from the BB world and in my my free time from the IOS or Apple universe. Im really a big smartphone freak and round about10 years ago there was a short connection with Windows phone...absolutly terrible. There was a short Symbian time after that, mostly BB starting in 2006 and now 2 years in the Apple world.

    In October 2012 released Windows 8 and I started with the new System.....some month later I loved it and indroduced it to my family and friends (age class between 18 and 75) and the loved it too, becouse they gave the System a chance...during the last month Ive read a lot over WP8 in the German Forums and now we are on my topic.

    Please remember, Im a fan from IOS, it works absolutly perfect and Im only a short step from my first mac. But I love my Windows 8 and I tought, check out WP8 before you change all.

    And here I am. One week with my Samsung Ativ S and Wp 8 and it is great. The OS is fast, really good to use with a perfect finish...but with bad Apps when you compare it with ios. Please tell a smal and poor german boy why dont you work on it as much as possible??? There is a absolutly great system and believe me that I say something like that is a suprise for me too, why dont you do as much as possible that the user experience is better???

    Apps like Whats App, Facebook, Twitter ect....they have to run as good as possible...some other Apps surely too! Basics that every, or the most user use every day. That is an experience with your OS togehter what we have every day. And when that doesnt work absolutly not hand in hand...if there are mistakes and there dont coming updates as fast as possible, the user runs back to IOS or Android or what ever..and that has your OS not deserved!

    Here I am with my bad english and I want ask you: " Please do more for your and our OS WP8, it is great and better than the other once and we need YOU that it runs stable and together with perfect apps....not the amount is the problem...it is the quality and perfection from the most used apps.....and that together with your OS.

    I dont want back to Apple...I dont want go to "Mac" please help me to get a ecosystem that works together........

    Sorry for my bad English......better is at present impossible for me
    07-31-2013 01:35 PM
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    We already have this thread for any suggestions to make WP8 better. Please join in the conversation there. http://forums.windowscentral.com/win...s-succeed.html
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    07-31-2013 01:45 PM

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