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    Hey guys,

    I'm just returning from about six weeks abroad, and I believe I missed a good deal of Google news while I was away. When I came home, I started using my HTC 8X again and I'm noticing a few issues with Google -- I'd greatly appreciate some help in restoring back my previous functionality!

    (1) I have several emails all feeding to one primary Gmail account, but I want to use a send-as address that's different than the primary Gmail account. Previously, this was possible simply by enabling my preferred address as my default. Now, it's sending with my primary Gmail account address. How can I fix this?

    (2) I've noticed a bit of a sync issue. Previously, I used to have several Google Calendars all feeding to my native Calendar app. Now, several of my Google Calendars are no longer displaying, even though the corresponding Gmail account is ticked on the Calendar app. Furthermore, my unread emails in Gmail isn't matching up with my unread emails on the app on my phone. I have one email from mid-July that's marked as unread on Gmail, but it refuses to appear on the phone -- why?

    Both of these were non-issues about two months ago, so I know they can be fixed! I'd greatly appreciate some assistance in restoring these important functionalities.

    08-14-2013 03:11 PM

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