10-04-2013 01:19 PM
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  1. Amj73's Avatar
    Long ago I have decided not to buy any Nokia phone because I had so many problems with Nokia phones. I bought the Nokia Lumia 920 two days ago because I thought that Nokia will try its best to solve all problems with the new system and work hard on a phone that will save Nokia. Unfortunately I was wrong. MY phone turns off completely by itself even though the battery is full. That is not the only problem. WHAT IS WORSE IS THAT I CANNOT START THE PHONE NORMALLY BY PRESSING THE POWER BUTTON. After searching the net I found that I have to press the two volume buttons and the power button at the same time to start the phone. Is that possible with a new costly phone? Please help.
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    11-30-2012 02:25 PM
  2. stmav's Avatar
    Since you've only had it two days, why don't you take it back and have them look at it. Sounds like a bad phone.
    11-30-2012 02:30 PM
  3. Reflexx's Avatar
    I'm not really sure it's the phone.

    I think it could be just some of the pains of dealing with a brand new OS.
    11-30-2012 02:39 PM
  4. Sinabu's Avatar
    Mine locked up the very first day and hasn't done it until a couple days ago and now it's done it once a day. My recommendation is to check these apps and uninstall them if you don't need them and hold out for the updates. The two biggest culprits are Nokia Drive Beta and Words with Friends from reading these forums.

    I ran Drive with no issues for a while but I finally just removed it to see if it would get any better. It is in Beta so issues are to be expected. I have not installed Words with friends but I've heard it can be a problem as well. Also in your background tasks turn off any app that you don't need to in the background.

    There's talks of MS and Nokia releasing some updates soon which hopefully will resolve these issues.

    It's a new OS and it was released in such a short time I don't think proper testing was able to be done so there are bugs and kinks to work out!

    Just hang in there though :)
    11-30-2012 03:14 PM
  5. Amj73's Avatar
    Thanks a lot for your help. I had nokia drive beta on my phone. I just uninstalled it. I hope this will solve my problem.
    12-01-2012 02:34 AM
  6. Amj73's Avatar
    Would a hard rest solve all problems?
    12-01-2012 02:35 AM
  7. Amj73's Avatar
    Thanks again for helping.
    12-01-2012 02:35 AM
  8. CatGuyTX's Avatar
    Had the same issue! I'm on my 2nd one in as many weeks. The 1st one lasted 6 days and it was dead in the water...."Bricked" Nothing would revive it. The 2nd one bricked last night. Again, nothing would revive it, but magically, it woke up on its own with a 20 minute late text message. Makes no sense. I'ma uninstall Nokia drive beta and see if I have any more issues. I'm doing that right now! My friends LCD went out after 4 days.
    12-01-2012 02:46 AM
  9. Amj73's Avatar
    Should I go to Nokia and get a replacement or is it just a software issue?
    12-01-2012 03:15 AM
  10. SunDevilDave's Avatar
    Same problem here. Got my wifes phone at the same time....she hasn't had the problem but I have. We are using the same setup, so I suspect hardware .
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    12-01-2012 07:06 AM
  11. Brent920's Avatar
    Skype is the cause of a lot of the phone reboots. If you have it on your phone, get rid of it.
    12-01-2012 07:10 AM
  12. Amj73's Avatar
    I uninstalled nokia drive bete and will update you with the results. Hope this will solve the problem.
    12-01-2012 11:06 AM
  13. CatGuyTX's Avatar
    I don't have Skype on mine but I did uninstall Nokia Drive+Beta last night. So far I haven't had an issue but it has only happened twice in two weeks so I don't know if that solved the issue or not.
    12-01-2012 02:19 PM
  14. Amj73's Avatar
    My phone did it again even after uninstalling nokia drive. Should I hard reset my phone or is there any other solution?
    12-01-2012 04:16 PM
  15. Amj73's Avatar
    I factory reseted my phone. It took two minutes. I was afraid I will loose my phone. I will have to wait and see if this is going to solve the problem.
    12-02-2012 06:14 AM
  16. CatGuyTX's Avatar
    Amj73, did you have to go through the whole setup process again? Did you lose any installed installed apps? Did you do a "hard" or "soft" reset. They are actually different.
    12-02-2012 01:48 PM
  17. swap9's Avatar
    inspite of a very weak windows app market i still made up my mind for lumia 920, but after reading all the above complaints now im a bit confused, is this phone a complete disappointment ? plz help.
    12-03-2012 12:29 PM
  18. mikejets89's Avatar
    Since I had my 920 for two and half weeks only two reboot I had no battery issue yet.
    12-03-2012 12:32 PM
  19. permathisen's Avatar
    I have had My lumia 920 for a couple of weeks now and had the same problem as you. The phone turning itself off. I tried almost everything, resetting the phone to factory settings,turn NFC off,deinstalling programs. I finally think I found the solution. I sat the screen lock to "never turn off" and my 920 is working perfectly after that..
    12-04-2012 05:20 PM
  20. permathisen's Avatar
    Thanks a lot for your help. I had nokia drive beta on my phone. I just uninstalled it. I hope this will solve my problem.
    12-04-2012 05:25 PM
  21. technostein's Avatar
    Does anyone have problems when turning bluetooth on after about 20 seconds of messing around with my phone while bluetooth is on it freezes and restarts
    12-04-2012 06:06 PM
  22. TMavC5's Avatar
    If this is OS issue, MS need to update patches very soon.
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    12-04-2012 06:09 PM
  23. azasadny's Avatar
    I've had my 920 since 11/9 and it has never shut down, take it back and get a replacement!
    12-04-2012 07:02 PM
  24. Amj73's Avatar
    What I did is factory reset. I lost all my personal data and the installed programs. I had to setup my phone as if it is new. The problem was solved for a couple of days. Today in the morning, I found out that my phone turned off completely and had to start it by pressing volume down+ power buttons. I believe it is some applications I installed that is causing this problem.
    12-05-2012 12:01 AM
  25. nic comino's Avatar
    Here's an idea left of field ( way lof) - stick it on a cold surface (like a pack of frozen peas from the freezer) and see if it works then. Seriously!
    12-05-2012 03:55 AM
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