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    Coming from Skyrocket (s2), 920 is great. Though, I have found in rich 4g (hspa+) & LTE areas, the phone still jumps back to Edge for phone calls (skips right over 3g/4g). Unlike most posts - I dont want Edge at all, I'd rather have 3g/4g (hspa+), and LTE only (I know voice cannot go through LTE yet, so you cant do LTE only). Seems to happen as soon as the 920 hits 1 bar of 4g service (even though 1 bar of 4g seems to be better than full Edge service - especially in office buildings and basements).

    Other phones dont jump to Edge so quickly - is it just my 920 phone? random att issues?,Or am I really just in touch and go areas (no fault)?

    I found that dialing ##3282 and hitting 'call'

    (make that number combo a contact- name it "at&t LTE", then pin the contact to your start screen)

    goes into "Field Test" where I can select:

    Hit the three dots icon (menu button) - then hit settings, and you get:

    Network type:

    2g only - Edge (party like its 1999)
    3g only - 3g HSPA+ (aka 4g NON LTE speeds)
    4g only - LTE only (lose voice ability)

    Choose 3g (probably most ideal), 2g (for the battery extremists, but crappy phone call and data quality), or auto (if you want LTE and be able to make phone calls).

    (other websites claim you need to toggle the ENS switch on, then then off, then restart - once you restart the first time, you should be able to make this setting without restarting in the future).

    Setting the ##3282 as a contact on the home screen essentially makes a LTE on/off switch (by swithing between AUTO and "3g only") - especially (in my case) without needing a restart.

    While doing these tests I have found that locking the phone into 3g not only provides excellent continual call quality, but more noticeably is the battery improvement (undoubtedly from no longer having to ping and decide between edge, 3/4g, and LTE).

    Battery improvement has gone to less than 1% an hour assuming its just locked/idle (several push emails and texts still coming in). I stopped charging at 11:30pm last night - and at noon today (more than 12 hours) - it was still at 92% (nfc off, wifi off for testing purposes, blue tooth on - but not in use).

    So my question to others:

    When you connect to a phone call on your 920 - does it switch over to edge more frequently than other phones? Keep in mind the cell HUD (up top) goes away and you have to pull it down to check (a feature i would normally like if it werent so inconvenient for network testing). If you're testing phone calls - you can turn on the speaker to help the gyro sensor from locking the screen (seems to not auto lock if speaker is on).

    At this point with the battery being SO improved - i'm probably ok just leaving at 3g only (no edge,or lte- but still 4g HSPA+ speeds), then just turn it back (using the fancy pinned work around) to auto when I'm at lunch and want to browse, etc.

    I really like this phone - and having so many network options is also why i like at&t (edge for being in the middle of nowhere, upgraded hspa+ backbone 3g/4g network, as well as an LTE network on top of the standard 4g, but I would like a 21st century option of turning of Edge (rather than the traditional turn off LTE). I understand that having these options for normal users is probably troublesome, but having the ##3282 option seems to be a nice work around.
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    Thanks jreed. I haven't noticed my phone switching but I haven't really been looking at it.

    I did try to switch my phone to '3G only' once and couldn't get it to stick. Your toggling ENS tip above got it to work (which I left off). My battery is already lasting a day and half with light/medium usage, I'm hoping 3G-only helps it even more.
    12-14-2012 02:26 PM
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    You'll need to change the code to just ##3282 - they dropped the last "#" after the most recent nokia 920 update on at&t.
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    12-19-2012 08:46 PM
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    Jreed, you rock! You need to post this tip as a new thread. And add the step you have to press 'call' at the end.
    12-19-2012 09:08 PM
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    Excellent tip, thanks
    12-19-2012 09:25 PM
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    Thank you. I've been looking for something like this ever since I bought this device.
    12-19-2012 10:21 PM

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