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    i know there are several threads that will conver most of this, but i thought i would try and summarize for my own sake.

    so i have been using a gs3 and a htc one x + for the past 4 months, and i am coming home...( back to my lumia 920) i feel out of the loop and behind on windows phone. the only reason i switched from the 920 in the first place was i was so dissapointed with xbox music, to me it was a huge downgrade from zune... i cant edit my songs in xbox music and half of my library was unorganized via genres and album art. maybe not a good reason but i was foolish.

    so i would like summarize the pros and cons of this phone... what does it do well, what does it still need? is it worth switching back? i really miss windows phone, but have enjoyed the versatility of jelly bean.
    02-22-2013 11:42 AM

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