1. PhreePhlyer's Avatar
    Well, that was disappointing. Just came back from my local corporate store to ask about the 928. No one, including the manager working, had any clue about the phone. He "looked" it up and told me this phone will be an online order only. Stores won't be getting this phone.

    How does a business operate like this? I don't know many retail operations where the chain stores are so clueless about the products they sell.

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    05-13-2013 04:17 PM
  2. jleebiker's Avatar
    Yeah, posted a similar observation in the "928 Able to buy in store on 05/16?" thread. Very disappointing. Clearly, there are many inside Verizon that know about it. It doesn't seem to trickling to the front lines.
    05-13-2013 04:59 PM

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