1. Muffy's Avatar
    I have a Nokia 925 - whenever I plug it in via USB to my Win7 laptop the Windows Phone screen pops up. With my wife's Lumia 620 I get a message saying it couldn't find a driver and the phone isn't recognised. If I manually start the Windows Phone app for desktop it just says there is no phone connected. I have downloaded the latest Windows Phone app for desktop and also tried to update the driver through device manager, but to no avail. I thought it must be a defective phone, but I have another laptop running Win8.1 and that recognises the 620 without problems and loads the app, but I want to run it on my other Win7 laptop.
    Does anyone have any suggestions?
    01-15-2014 04:41 AM
  2. N_LaRUE's Avatar
    Does the device show up at all in Devices and Printers? Start -> Devices and Printers

    Is it in Device Manager? Start -> Control Panel -> Hardware and Sound -> (under Devices and Printers) Device Manger

    When it's connected it should show under Portable Devices.

    If it shows a yellow warning next to the device in either of the two area I've indicated then that means the drivers were not properly installed. If it's not showing up at all then we have another issue.

    If you have yellow warnings I would suggest right clicking and selecting uninstall. Reboot the computer and wait for the boot sequence to completely finish then connect your phone in an unlocked state.

    Have you checked to ensure the USB port is working on the computer? That it isn't a shared USB port with another device?

    Also, when you connect the phone is it unlocked?

    The one thing to try is if it's none of those is to connect your phone when the power is off and have it boot. Sometimes this works.
    01-15-2014 05:15 AM
  3. Muffy's Avatar
    Yes, it shows up in device manager as Nokia Lumia 620, with a yellow triangle beside it.
    Yes, I have done an uninstall/reboot and it goes through exactly the same sequence, error loading driver.
    Yes, the USB port and cable work; I connect my Lumia 925 to the same end and that works fine. I normally use it through a USB hub, but it does exactly the same when connected directly to a USB port. I have tried different ports (laptop has 4).
    I'll try the power-off thing when my wife comes back from work with the phone, but I have to say I'm not very hopeful. Is there anywhere I can download the driver directly? Device Manager gives me an option to update the driver from a local disk. Strange that it works fine in my Win8.1 laptop.
    01-15-2014 05:29 AM
  4. N_LaRUE's Avatar
    Are you connected to the internet when installing the phone drivers? If you get the error you should be able to force it to look online to find the drivers. It should find them that way.

    Found this - Windows Phone 8 is not detected by your computer

    It seems to be a common problem.
    01-15-2014 05:47 AM
  5. Muffy's Avatar
    Thanks, yes I have seen that page and I did follow all the relevant step and yes, I am connected to the internet. When I scan for an update it says driver not found and I have also tried to use the suggestion of browsing to C:\Windows\Inf\, nothing found there. I downloaded the latest driver from MS and when I said update it says it already has the latest driver.
    Obviously, since the device driver isn't being loaded I don't get the drives appearing in Explorer either.
    01-15-2014 06:51 AM
  6. EasilyTheBest's Avatar
    I had a similar problem. My girlfriends 920 connected perfectly to my laptop but my 620 wouldn't work whatever I did, it would work fine on a different computer.
    I changed the lead and then it connected perfectly which i found really odd.
    01-15-2014 07:20 AM
  7. abhishake620's Avatar
    You can go back to the page where you got the yellow triangle and then remove device, wait awhile then goto tools or ( somewhere I don't remember) then show all the hidden device (inactive devices) find the 620 in it and delete it so next time it( phone) will install it again when you connect it .... FYI inactive devices are transparent be sure to delete the right device....EDIT: Or the 3rd point in the link earlier ....
    01-15-2014 07:23 AM
  8. Muffy's Avatar
    Thanks, but I know how to remove devices. I'll try a different cable later.
    01-15-2014 09:16 AM

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