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    Ok I have been having this problem for months and I keep seeing posts on the forum, people having the same problem. None of their suggestions worked (for me).
    This has been infinitely frustrating, I love this phone but the wifi problems are a real buzzkill. I've also seen similar posts popping up for people with the 1520.

    Let me explain the problem in detail here:
    -Using cellular data works great. Browsing internet, Facebook, various apps, uploading cinemagrams, all no problems, quick, but this phone burns through my 5 gig data plan like nobodys business, so I can't just leave it on cellular.

    -Home Wifi: Initially I can connect to home wifi and everything works great, but then it just hangs. I get messages like 'We're having trouble getting data', or something like that. So I can get on Facebook and browse a little on the newsfeed, but at some point scrolling down the pictures stop loading and finally, the red band with the above message. This happens on any app that uses internet, IE, cinemagram sharing, email, evernote, weather, navigation apps, you name it. Inevitably they work for a bit and then just hang.
    All other WIFI devices work with no problem on this network, other phones, laptops, Windows 8 tablets, IP cameras, even a Wifi Thermostat.

    -My hardware: Charter cable modem directly and correctly connected to Netgear WnDr3700v3 router.

    This problem has been vexing me for the last 3 months, some people suggested returning the phone and I almost gave up.
    That is the reason this post is so long, I hope it helps others with this problem.

    Here are all the suggestions I have tried and none worked:
    -Toggle airplane mode: this works for a few minutes and then I have to do it again, over and over.
    -Update the router firmware: nope.
    -Change router security to AES only: nope.
    -Lumia Black Update: nope
    -Delete WIFI network profile in phone settings then reconnect: tried this several times: nope
    -Downloaded an app called 'WiFi booster', this apparently resets the connection, it says it's clearning the DNS and goes through the process. Seems to work about the same as toggling airplane mode.
    -Use a WIFI analysis tool to find nearby channels that may be in conflict, changed to 2 different unused channels: nope.
    -Instead of using 5G network, connect to 2.4Ghz network only: nope.
    -'Enable wireless isolation' nope
    -Turn off QOS: nope
    -Disable 20/40Hz coexistence: nope
    -Fool around with the preamble mode: nope
    -Enable the Guest network and connect to that: This sort of worked. I think I got a little more time out of it, but it would still hang within a few minutes and then back to toggle airplane mode fix.
    I thought I was on to something so I fiddled endlessly with the guest network:
    -Cycled through every available security options: WPA2 AES, WPA2 TKIP, WPA TKIP, WEP, and yes finally even turned the security off and made it an open network: NOPE

    There was one setting I hadn't touched, someone on the forums said that turning IPv6 OFF had fixed their problem. Mine was already set to DISABLED so I had been leaving it alone. So finally I tried setting IPv6 to 'AUTO DETECT' and clicked apply, router rebooted, and now it seems to be working... WTF?
    After so many false starts I was dubious. The apps that seem to fail quickly and clearly for me: Facebook, IE browser, weather, and Epic Fail app (the Epic Fail app always hangs the fastest I guess because it does nothing but download pictures). I opened them all up and hammered them, scrolling as fast as possible down Facebook feed, zipping through the epic fail gallery, and yes, Clicking on links on webpages and actually expecting the next page to load. So far, so good, I just opened up my email and it said it had been 35 minutes since last check, I clicked the refresh button and it actually brought up a bunch of new emails!

    So, try fiddling with IpV6 on your router settings if you are having trouble with your Windows Phone not staying connected to home Wifi network and always having to toggle airplane mode.

    I have no idea why this worked for me. I am pretty tech-savvy but I am no network engineer, any theories?

    I'm still paranoid that it's going to stop working again, or that if I disconnect and reconnect it will go back to flaking out.
    Since I got this phone my data usage has spiked through the roof, I keep getting data overage charges, I've had to check: 'always restrict background data', and disable photo backups to Skydrive and AT&T locker. Even with all that this phone was chewing through my data plan. Hopefully this is the solution.

    This worked for me, I don't know if it will work for you but I hope and pray it does.
    Good luck my friends...
    01-23-2014 04:20 PM
  2. Laura Knotek's Avatar
    I'm glad you got it sorted. Hopefully this will indeed be the permanent solution.
    01-24-2014 01:00 AM
  3. msrb21's Avatar
    good thing! hoping that its the permanent solution.
    01-24-2014 10:14 AM
  4. Winston Quizana's Avatar
    I remember posting a thread here about 1520's WiFi but could not find it. I also think I got things figured out regarding my own WiFi problem. When I got my phone my WiFi speed flies to the heavens but suddenly it just stopped.

    I kept getting a message saying my phone don't receive any data yet its connected to my home WiFi. My nexus 4 never had this problem so I was sure its the phone. I formatted the phone and for a while it worked! But suddenly its gone again. Until recently I got my answer. Its the NFC data transfer being turned on! Prior to my loss of data reception I Was pairing my phone with my nexus for pics transfer. Now I'm back to my surfing habit with my gorgeous 1520. It could be NFC or Bluetooth messing with the specific router signal coz some WiFi worked perfectly.
    01-31-2014 01:09 AM
  5. Plasbot's Avatar
    Well that worked for awhile. Then back to the old, having to toggle wifi on-off to get it working for a bit and accepting it's not going to perform well
    Checked router, it was still set to ipv6 auto-detect, but for some reason the problem resurfaced. I have no idea what is going on here.
    I had NFC turned off and was still having the problems, turning off Bluetooth doesn't seem to help either.
    Finally yesterday I had reconfigured my old Dlink DIR-655 router to be a wireless access point due to my son complaining he couldn't get decent wifi in his room.
    And BAM, suddenly 33 updates appear in the store app! I was wondering why none of my apps were getting updated for a month! The phone had automatically connected to the nearby, stronger AP, as soon as it was turned on. I tried some of the internet media-heavy apps and they were all screaming-fast again!
    So, I have no idea why fiddling with ipv6 setting fixed the problem for awhile and then it inexplicably came back.
    My new theory is that Nokia no-likey Netgear WnDr3700v3, but do-likey Dlink DIR-655.
    03-30-2014 05:29 PM
  6. Rayyan Rauf's Avatar
    Hi ,
    i read all your issues, mine is very similer those app u mentioned dont work on my home wifi and i dont have cellular data package so basically my fone has become useless ! i cant use facebook app , intagram nothing! only some app work. and to use facebook i tried the internet explorer, didnt work on that aswell and all the other websites were working awesome! to Use faebook i have to use it through UC Browser -_-
    for u it atleast works by toggling wifi on and off for me that also doesnt work for around 10-15 days straight! and then it on it own would work fine for another 6-7 days and then back to wifi problem...
    i have tried every thing.. restart , reset , factory reset , toggling wifi , buletooth , internet sharing everything
    i went to nokia they deleted the software and re installed that also didnt make any difference
    next time im gonna go and tell dem to change the wifi hardware , lets c what happens
    if it doesnt work out fine , i will have to sell this fone which really sux coz i love the fone the camera is amazing and i like WP interface not much of an andriod guy..
    this issue has been troubling me and eating my head to find WHat is the problem with the wifi and unfortunatly i have failed , i guess it will remain a mystery...
    atleast i know im not the only one now suffering from this stupid issue.
    Lumia 1020
    03-31-2014 04:00 PM
  7. psychotron's Avatar
    Got my phone less than 24 hours ago and having this issue as well. While on the way home my data connection was blazing fast, but as soon as I connected to my home wifi I started having connection drop outs all over the place. I'm a big gadget nerd and devices pass through my household on a pretty regular basis and the 1020 is the very first one I've had with this issue. Nokia forums are loaded with posts from 1020 and 1520 owners having this issue but they don't seem to be making any headway because any time one of their "experts" answers the first thing they do is try to blame everything but the phone. A company really shouldn't do that when it's obvious that multiple users are having the same problem, that's just irresponsible. From what I could see it doesn't appear that Nokia has even attempted to investigate the issue to find resolution. Sure, they seem to be good about exchanging phones, but not fixing the underlying problem.

    Anyway, I've tried a few different things already mentioned here but have not yet attempted to fiddle with the IPV6 settings. Going to try that next.
    04-02-2014 07:59 AM

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