How to configure wifi and Ethernet without degradation in throughput

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Running windows10 with on board ethernet and TPLINK USB wifi adapter.
The PC ethernet connects to a gigabit switch as does my QNAP NAS. There is also a connection from the switch via powerline adapters to my router (to enable TVs to access the NAS).
If I disable the wifi, the transfer rate to the NAS is at max gigabit speed. Internet download is 34Mbps. Whereas if the wifi is enabled the Wifi download is 50Mbps (about max for my connection) but the NAS is just 3 MBps.
Initially I tried configuring a bridge but this slowed downloads.
I have reset the network settings and tried changing the relative adapter priorities without any luck. Also tried Sharing an adapter and running ICS and suggested in intenet search results, but admit I don't understand what this gives.
Any suggestions as to how to configure to get optimal use of wifi and Ethernet?


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Aug 6, 2022
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Some further info - if I set the priorities (in the adapter properties > advanced settings) to be equal (5000) then so long as the wifi adapter appears in the TASKBAR , then the ethernet transfer rate between PC and NAS is at max, and the wifi is at max so long as VPN is turned off.

An explanation about sharing, brdiging and ICS would be appreciated.

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