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    I have ATT Lumia 520 and i got unlock code, but the problem is when i enter the code i get the message incorrect code and unlock counter goes from 10 to 9. But when i try to enter the code again, i get the sim error message and counter won't go to 8, it remains on 9.
    I have been told that i have to enter the "wrong" code 10 times and then the phone will ask for PUK code, and then i will enter unlock code and that's it.
    But the problem is that counter won't go from number 9.
    I have flashed firmware again but i have the same problem.
    Any help?

    UPDATE: I tried ATT sim card and the phone works, which means that there is no hardware damage in card reader.
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    02-08-2014 05:21 AM
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    I would advice to get in contact with AT&T mention that you got an unlock code however it not working on the device.
    02-08-2014 12:36 PM
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    From searching a bit on google :

    Lumia 520 Unable to unlock - Nokia Support Discussions

    3 incorrect entries of the PIN cause the SIM to lock, so if the phone's telling you that you have 9 attempts remaining then you've already locked the SIM and it's the PUK code that you need now.

    Once you've entered the PUK it'll ask you for a new PIN. Thereafter you should be able to enter the restriction code that you got off Vodafone.

    So normally if the count says "9", your phone is already locked and you need to enter the PUK code. Then enter a new pin, and you should be able to enter the code...

    Also, some sources mention the code needs to be either 15 or 20 digits for all Lumia WP8 devices.

    problem with unlock nokia lumia 520 - GSM-Forum

    Hi, normally it should be either 15 digit or 20 digit unlock code for Lumia WP8.
    But you got 16 digit unlock codes, that's strange... I saw another user with
    the same problem and his phone is also SFR Network Locked. So I think its SFR
    unlock codes problem.

    Anyway, you got 16 digit unlock codes. So did you try to unlock phone with
    8 digit codes as for WP7? Maybe they still can accept 8 digits unlock codes
    I am not really sure about it...

    You can try, unlock with first 8 digit from codes 16 digit codes, if first the 8th
    say wrong code, than try from 9th to 16th. If both not working than 100% code
    are wrong.
    Check that that is the case. If you have 16 digits it could possibly be incorrect...

    Could you post some screens (hold windows and on/off button simultaneously to save a screenshot) ?
    02-09-2014 04:16 PM

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