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    So, having the M8 since Saturday, I have to say this is the best windows phone I've owned so far. However, no phone is without its quirks and I'm hoping they can be fixed with a reset which I intend to do sometime tonight or tomorrow:

    1. Maybe it's just me, but the automatic brightness does not seem to adjust... at all. No matter the situation it's the same brightness and I confirmed it was indeed on automatic adjust. Sure hope the light sensor wasn't screwed up out of the box.

    2. The phone will absolutely refuse to set certain pictures as lockscreens. This is a problem I've NEVER experienced with any windows phone. It usually tends to be larger resolution pictures but I've placed these as lockscreens on my 520 and what not. This should not be a problem with a 1080p screen. These happen to be my favorite lockscreens too, which makes it a bit irritating.

    3. The sound quality is awesome, but the BoomSound isn't for me, so I turned it off. However, when I play music, I noticed that when I lock or unlock the phone with music playing, the sound will suddenly become substantially louder, and then the next song will play substantially softer. I'm not sure what's going on here.

    4. I think this is just a Windows Phone problem in general, but it's a pain in the *** to back up. Back-up always fails no matter what. I shouldn't have to have a low-resolution photo, among other things, to back up my phone. This is something I've fought with since WP8 was first introduced.

    Other than that, everything is working perfectly. The camera is surprisingly good! Anyway, if anyone wants to weigh in on these problems, please do so. Hopefully the hard reset can remedy some of these issues.
    11-10-2014 03:24 PM
  2. waazzupppp's Avatar
    Wow, you got issues... I can honestly say, I haven't had a single one of the problems you have. I would love to help out a bit more, but I have no idea where to start since they are a bit random. The one that jumps out at me the most is the backup issue. Do you have a solid WiFi connection available for use? If not, you won't get a full backup - since it won't do hi-res work over Cellular. Check your router and make sure you have a stable connection.
    11-10-2014 04:41 PM
  3. anon(8648115)'s Avatar
    Alright, some good news!

    1. The auto brightness DOES adjust... it's just not very good lol. Even when experimenting between set parameters (Low, Medium, High), there's BARELY any difference between Low and Medium. Honestly, when I had a Samsung Focus, the light sensor shat itself and I was content with adjusting the brightness myself. No biggie.

    2. I figured out the lockscreen issue: HTC Windows Phones do not appear to support .PNG filetypes. After a hard reset and trying everything I possibly could, something dawned on me... I rearranged my lockscreen folder by filetype and lo and behold, ALL my favorite photos are PNG format. Converted them to the highest quality JPEG and sure enough, they all work and look just as good.

    3. It turns out that my phone IS actually backing everything up. It just keeps saying it failed to do so everytime I manually do it. When I reset the phone, a backup came up from today... and I vividly remember said backup failing. Surprisingly, everything was restored without a hitch.

    4. It looks like the sound bug has gone away or is not showing up as frequently.

    ​Looks like the phone is back to perfect now. Huzzah!
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    11-10-2014 07:55 PM

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