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    So, when I record videos with my 1520 with the "Surround Sound" option on, I have some issues playing back the resulting files from a PC and am wondering if anyone else sees the same thing.

    Specifically, when I attempt to play them back with my default player on the PC (MPC, or Media Player Classic), I get no audio playback on the surround track. I can, however, switch the audio track manually via the player to the second track, which is a stereo AAC track, and I get audio there. I can repeat this from other PCs, so it's not specific to this one machine. I'm able to play back other AC3-encoded files with no issues on the same PC, and I have it set to bitstream/passthru the formats that the receiver in my office is capable of handling (AC3 & DTS). Finally, I CAN get audio playback with no tweaking if I use Windows Media Player, but I'm not sure it's playing back the first track as I see no indication on my receiver that a Dolby Digital signal is being passed to it.

    Does anyone else have a similar issue? Is there something funky about the AC3 encoding on these files vs what would come, say, from a DVD ripped with Handbrake with the AC3 track intact? I guess I was expecting to be able to just play these files back the same way and have the signal passed as a Dolby Digital 5.1 signal as with other files. Any help/thoughts appreciated here...
    12-05-2014 09:36 AM

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