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    I am having several issues since Denim installed on my ATT 1520.

    The mic has stopped working for Cortana (so much for Hey Cortana!)
    I have Lumia Purity headphones with volume +/- and mute buttons but since Denim all three buttons mute the music
    Glance is intermittent

    Is anyone else having these issues and if so have they found a resolution?

    So far I have tried soft and hard resets and used the restore software to roll back to Cyan. Back on Cyan the mic and headphones and Glance work as they should. Upgrade to Denim and the problems are back. I am keeping Denim loaded because having the updated camera software is more important to me than the other issues but if there is a fix I'd like to have all the bells and whistles working as they should.

    03-09-2015 12:11 PM

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