1. Marko Marjanovic's Avatar
    I have a problem and think that after fixing my phone, guys in care store didn't align my display properly with a case, or just screw so tight and lcd just poped out of place.
    There is couple of mm out of line and when i put presure to it it show circles like touching led monitor.
    Is that normal or i visit care store (no warranty anymore so i pay everything) ?
    Ps. When i apply more then light pressure on sides i feel how screen move.
    04-05-2015 02:48 PM
  2. Harrie-S's Avatar
    If it is due to the screen repair done by the care centre you still should have warranty on this repair.
    (I presume that the repair was done resent)
    04-05-2015 03:14 PM
  3. Marko Marjanovic's Avatar
    Not so recent, i will try tho.
    Is it possible that guys in care center didn't asseble it well?
    04-05-2015 04:04 PM
  4. Harrie-S's Avatar
    Yes, a display can not become "misaligned" by it self. So if you did not drop it or opened it by yourself it should be the result of a "bad" repair. I think there is also some double sided tap involved to hold the display maybe that is now not sticky anymore. But on repairs there should be warranty (but off course not a live long warranty). So if the care center has a good service they should fix it or at least have a look to the phone. Let use know how what the outcome is.
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    04-05-2015 04:17 PM
  5. Marko Marjanovic's Avatar
    Outcome is that guy used so much force on screwing so he made screw go circle not rectangle (if you understand), and it's inposible to unscrew without sending to shop. And that's cost.
    He saw phone, play around a bit and say no harm was maded. I can use phone normaly and don't worry about it.
    I swear i wanted to punch first guy in shop who screw it so tightly but he is like 11h driving from me.
    04-06-2015 07:13 AM

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