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  1. Thomas Jordan's Avatar
    I have a Lumia 930 it's there any way to backup my messages so I can restore them after doing a full reset. It shows backup in the settings within WhatsApp but does bot seem to be anyway to get to backup file to restore it after reset
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    12-05-2015 05:05 AM
  2. abhirajsoni's Avatar
    I think you can only restore it if you have taken a full system backup.

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    12-05-2015 12:19 PM
  3. Thomas Jordan's Avatar
    The messages in WhatsApp are not included in a full system backup. On phones with an SD card the data file is stored on the SD card. 930 does not have one but still shows the backup option in the app. But can't see anyway to get the file. I don't think it is possible. But just thought someone on here might be able to help
    12-05-2015 07:47 PM
  4. ttsoldier's Avatar
    As far as I know it's only possible with an SD card.
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    12-05-2015 07:49 PM
  5. Thomas Jordan's Avatar
    I thought that was the case. Bloody annoying that I have to keep loosing my message history when I do a reset after a new insider update.
    12-05-2015 07:51 PM
  6. Tripplex PC-Tech's Avatar
    whatsapp need to adjust this
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    02-23-2016 07:49 AM

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