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    OK no one in their right mind should do this ever ever ever

    But I am insane, and was so near to smashing the camera up, It made no difference... :)

    Ok, the back plastic cover camera cover comes off fairly easy if you have the exact tools needed
    I hope linking this teardown ins a bad thing to do :( sorry if I screwed up

    In my phone the camera unit was a metal housed device that fits into a plastic tray with no foam or adhesive

    In my case the plastic tray was tiny bit larger than my camera so it rattled

    My fix was to wrap the sides of the metal camera in small slithers of black plastic electrical tape
    This made the camera fit snuggly inside the plastic recepticle on the cover and stop the lout rattle.

    Now... did it say this!!!
    OK no one in their right mind should do this ever ever ever

    Anyways this also showed me that the camera unit itself also has a less loud tinkle/rattle inside the unit
    I believe this is some gizmo/widget thing for image stabilisation - its not loud and It noes not offer any tactile feedback when the screen is taped

    Ok for me fixed - I hope I had a one off warped bad made in Vietnam parts

    Cya :)
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    12-28-2015 09:11 AM

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