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    Such good memories of the Lumia 520. I could not believe for the little price how good this phone was. In fact I still tell people today that in the affordable end of the market, Windows phones are an excellent option.

    Mine eventually broke down and I was aware of the app disparity between Windows and Google/Apple. If I was going to buy another inexpensive phone I would gladly have stuck with Windows. But as I wanted to buy a flagship phone, I wanted the large selection of quality apps to go with it. So I ended up going Android and Samsung Galaxy S5 which I have still got and is going really well and am very happy with. For me, the Google play store is the best.

    But I have nothing but good memories of my 520 and the overall Windows operating system. Particularly live tiles. It is impressive how a phone with a low grade 2 core processor and measly 512MB RAM ran smoothly and operated apps with no problems.
    03-28-2016 07:45 AM

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