1. canydell's Avatar
    who can recommend new wireless charger for my Lumia950? i am using the Lumia original charger. but I don't think it's very convenient, I'm usually on the road.
    the size is larger so that i need a new wireless charger to sovle the problem. i just see the Aiermaisi Wireless Charging Pad on Amazon
    Has anyone already used this type product? it is just a charging pad. who can tell me other high quality wirless products? thanks....
    05-17-2016 04:52 AM
  2. ma678's Avatar
    I just got a Samsung fast wireless charging pad that works fine.
  3. ma678's Avatar
    I just got a Samsung fast wireless charging pad that works fine.
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    05-17-2016 08:54 AM
  4. canydell's Avatar
    05-19-2016 04:03 AM
  5. anon(50597)'s Avatar
    I use a Ravpower.
    05-20-2016 04:42 PM
  6. RumoredNow's Avatar
    Get a convertible. http://www.amazon.com/Anti-Slip-Sepa...pUvbUpU3488081

    Has enough adjustment range for the unusual height of the Qi receiver on the 950 series, makes a stand or flat pad by folding the cradle. You can also remove the charging pad for a lightweight rig to take on the road.

    I reviewed it here: http://forums.windowscentral.com/mic...ml#post3371641

    Doesn't come with a power head, I find the economical Nokia AC-20u a good charger to pair with this. http://www.amazon.com/Original-Nokia...pUvbUpU3488081
    05-20-2016 08:44 PM

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