1. lucaspedersoli's Avatar
    L830 folk:

    As the title says, the idea is to share the experience we have replacing the modules and how they turn out.
    Mine has yet to arrive. I'll report about any trouble I find with the disassembly, I wish some of you that have already done it can troubleshot me. I'll also keep you up to date with any further camera related issues. I hope it doesn't happen again but as I read online the error came back a while after the module change. At least for the first batch of faulty L830s, I don't know about this recent problem and the experience of L830 users who changed the module, acknowledging that is the purpose of this post. Good luck to everyone keeping their module alive.

    Regards, Lucas.

    BTW if anyone knows a synonymous for experience I'll be glad to know :P (non native speaker)(of course I could google it)
    08-04-2016 09:56 PM
  2. lucaspedersoli's Avatar
    Also with the latest update the error code changed again... what a joke...
    08-04-2016 09:58 PM

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