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    At first, the problem was that it was not taking a charge and turning on. After switching different cables several times and doing the 2 and 3 button reset many more times, it finally began taking a charge. However, the phone turns on immediately once it does and then it freezes.

    It begins loading backdated messages, emails, and such....and I can be on the phone just fine but the moment i leave it idle for more than 10 seconds it freezes and once the screen looks it is game over. You can't unlock the screen -- phone is frozen and won't take a charge unless I do another reset.

    I had to do the dead phone recovery thing once before but I lost many photos and documents...on a diferent note, i have a problem with one drive where my photos don't get backed up...but whatever....

    So any ideas here? How can I stop the freezing and use the phone like normal again?

    03-10-2017 08:08 AM

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