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    I have been thinking of getting a Lumia 950 mainly for its camera. I want to know how good the raw/dng images are for post processing. Would I get close to dslr like pictures after editing them .?? Would anyone recommend I get it mainly for this purpose ?. Btw Am a fan of windows phone. I would consider an android too ,that is LG G5 if it also has good raw images for post processing. Thanks.
    05-04-2017 06:34 AM
  2. GhostEchelon's Avatar
    I've had my Lumia 950 for a few months now since November of 2016 the phone is great except for battery drains of course depends on what you doing on the phone. As for the camera. I have to the camera is great i have no complaints. Best camera on a phone I've had yet. As for raw pictures i don't take pics in that format on my 950 as i feel a lot of details is lost while taken in dng format even if i use a third party app to open it. That or if that how raw images turn out to be when zoom in then guess that all i can in regards of that. I just takes pics as jpg with the camera as i feel it gives best details when zoomed in. I can't say the same for dng.
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    05-08-2017 09:01 AM

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