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    Hi all,
    Due to utter stupidly on my part. I tried to use a micro sim on my phone.
    So I cut the micro sim to a nano sim profile, shoved it in to the phone, but on removing the cut sim I damaged the sim contacts. Phone now shows SIM error.

    I tried 2 local phone repair shops.
    1st stop I ran out the door, they wanted my phone password and my Microsoft account passwords.

    2nd repair shop, Guy kind of looked at me funny, and asked if I still used it as a phone.
    WTF. I'am trying to repair the sim holder.

    So I went shopping for a new phone. I liked the following phones. Samsung Galaxy s8, the Razer Phone or the Oneplus 5t. But after looking of a few vids on YouTube I realized that the 950 xl is or there about the same specs.
    An other check on Edge confirms that sim trays are avaible.
    I live in Ireland, but can ship to Great Briton or next week, I travel to San Francisco USA and i'am staying for 2 weeks. Any help in repairing it in the USA?

    The only app I miss on the Microsoft Phone is the Amazon Show, I can't seam to be able to video call the Show from a Windows Device. Phone, PC etc.

    If I can save a few hundred Euros and last another year, I may buy the next Microsoft Mobile Device Andromeda.
    02-13-2018 09:10 PM

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