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    Hello everyone, I really need help here. I bought a pre-owned Battlefield 3 Xbox 360 (NTSC) game from Amazon.com and my shipment arrived with only Multiplayer/Co-Op (disc 1) and NO disc 2 (campaign). I never knew this game ships with 2 discs and Amazon never told me anything about 2 discs. Now I have contacted them and according to Amazon have resent my request to the original game seller. It's been 3 days and haven't heard anything from them. Now I was just wondering and want to know:
    1. Does the game ship with all 2 discs or you have to purchase them individually?
    2. Is it possible for me to purchase only disc 2 (campaign mode) and where?
    3. And legal website for me to even buy and download? Currently not on demand in Xbox marketplace.
    4. Any good Samaritan to send me the campaign mode disc incase he/she has completed it and doesn't need it? ;-)
    I really need the campaign since multiplayer is giving me a headache.
    Can someone please help me out? Thank you in advance.
    03-23-2013 09:02 AM
  2. MAkhdar's Avatar
    It should definitely have come with the Campaign disc and I would recommend filing a claim if you don't get a reply, it's the easiest way to get their attention and solve your problem.

    Hope that helped! :)
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    03-23-2013 11:11 AM
  3. TeknoBlast's Avatar
    It definitely comes with two discs. As you already know, the single campaign and multiplayer come on two separate disc.
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    04-24-2013 04:02 PM

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