1. timster01's Avatar
    streaming through the Xbox app on Windows 10. The Xbox app is version 5.6.11034, if you don't have this version, open Store (beta) and look for app updates.

    Game streaming can't be done while say, someone is watching Netflix.

    06-16-2015 09:26 PM
  2. zei20t's Avatar



    Now I can play xbox (well, soon enough) while the wife is watching tv.
    06-16-2015 09:35 PM
  3. AlucardHS's Avatar
    Im having a problem with my controller for some reason while streaming. it acts ok in the beginning but soon it doesn't want to respond.
    06-17-2015 05:28 PM
  4. MobileVortex's Avatar
    I threw a HDD in my tower and put windows 10 on it to try this out. There appears to be no drivers for my GTX570 and when i try to stream anything it says it's connected but i just get a grey box... I also am not able to use my second monitor. I'm assuming my video drivers are the issue. This better get fixed by the General Release of Windows 10...

    I started the upgrade on my laptop which has a 680M on it. Nvidia has these drivers listed on the website, so hopefully it will work tonight after i get everything upgraded.
    06-18-2015 02:03 PM
  5. lukas_ita's Avatar
    Are there minimun requirements tp respect?
    Sent from my Ativ S with Tapatalk 2
    06-21-2015 04:45 PM
  6. dkp23's Avatar
    Tried this and it really doesnt work too well at least not for me.

    I have 100mbps speed with comcast, but i have this connected to wifi, both xbox and the PC, can't connect wired due to house configuration

    IN any case, wireless speed probably 20-30 mbps and it is very laggy even if i put the quality to low. Also, if i dont do anything, it just lags, but stays connected. if i try to play soething, then it just outright disconnects.

    Very buggy, probably best to have it wired, but i would hope 20-30 mbps speeds would be good enough to make the stream respectable. THis is also a bandwidth hog as well.

    ​Any tips?
    06-22-2015 01:28 AM
  7. supadryz's Avatar
    I'm having issues with the steaming. I use a Surface 2 Pro & both this & my Xbox One are in Preview program but when I attempt to link it says 'one of your devices tablet or xbox need an update' but as far as I am aware both are up to date?
    06-22-2015 06:30 AM
  8. bells0's Avatar
    Can't get this to work either. On 10130 preview on my SP3 and have game streaming ticked on my preview Xbox, but it says it can't connect to my Xbox - even though it can see it.

    Pretty sure the app is up to date as it updated as soon as i went to build 10130.........any idea??
    06-25-2015 07:04 AM
  9. supadryz's Avatar
    It now works on the streaming side. Thanks to the huge update last night
    bells0 likes this.
    06-30-2015 10:17 AM
  10. bells0's Avatar
    Yes, suddenly started working for me after the May firmware update 2 nights ago. Not at home to see if the latest preview has downloaded yet. Happy days! [though wish my internet speed was faster as a little choppy, may need to cable it instead of wireless]
    06-30-2015 10:25 AM
  11. runamuck83's Avatar
    How do I initiate streaming?>
    07-08-2015 08:52 PM
  12. onysi's Avatar
    I wanna do this right now but im concerned about bricking my surface pro 3.
    07-08-2015 09:08 PM
  13. Steven Penner's Avatar
    YMMV, but my Surface Pro 2 upgraded without a hitch and has had several updates since the initial build I loaded with no problems. If you are that concerned about it, just wait a month and W10 should be available to you by then if you have made your reservation.
    07-09-2015 01:13 AM

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