1. flair77's Avatar
    I'm suspecting this has something to do with the recent console update in Nov/Dec-15. Since then, my Xbox One does not recognize any game disc - Forza, Just Dance 2015 and a couple others. However, all other non-game discs (DVDs, CDs) play perfectly normal right away. I've done a lot of digging for almost a month now, watched videos and have tried the following already:

    - Several restarts and reboots
    - Delete the bluray app, and reboot by holding the power button for 5 seconds and restart
    - While inserting the disc, holding on to it for a couple of seconds until the console literally pulls it in hard
    - Elevate the console slightly from the front

    None of the above are working and the stubborn thing doesn't do a thing. I hear the usual discs movement/whirring sound for a bit repeatedly and then nothing happens followed by the error message on screen.

    OS Version

    Is there any other trick or should I start the painful process of trying to return and repair it (not so easy, I'm in Kuwait).
    02-03-2016 11:48 PM
  2. Keith Wallace's Avatar
    Did you try a Blu-Ray movie disc? You mentioned the games can't be read, but DVDs and CDs can. It sounds like the Blu-Ray reader in the drive is messed up.
    02-04-2016 01:05 AM
  3. J Frost's Avatar
    Searched this online with my brother in law about a month ago we are both having the same problem on our X1.
    We found a YouTube video that explained the mechanism that instead the disc gets weak and won't get the dish in the right spot. The suggestion was to tilt the Xbox up slightly when inserting the disc and then set it flat. Next disc loaded oh the first shot. My machine is intermittent with the problem but if I do that with what appears to be a stubborn disc it loads.
    I hope that helps.
    02-06-2016 01:14 AM
  4. flair77's Avatar
    Was told the bluray optical disc reader needed to be replaced. Got it fixed, approx $70. Although in the US its for $20.

    Well done Microsoft - its only been 6 months with the X1 with very mild usage, about an hour a week!
    02-10-2016 11:41 PM

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