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    Truly not a big thing, but the Forum doesn't seem too busy...

    Over the holidays, I decided I would delete a bunch of music tracks from my Collection because my Zune HD32 was at its limit. When I came home in January, I went through my to-delete list and deleted the items from the Collection on my desktop, and also added a smaller bunch of other music tracks at the same time. Then, I synced the Zune HD, and all the items were removed and added from that device as expected. However, when I synced the Focus, some or all of the deleted tracks were not removed, although the additions all synced fine. I have wondered whether in syncing, the second device's items didn't get removed because they had previously/already been removed. I know... it doesn't make sense, but this is software.

    Since then, I have synced the Focus many times, and those items are still on my phone and they must have now passed at least one DRM expiration. I have not removed these manually because I am forever curious, and because, for now, I still have freee space on my 36.9GB install. I tried album-specific syncing from the Collection where I had deleted only selected tracks, and that did nothing -the deleted tracks are still on the Focus (only). Since that January non-removal, most syncing and removal with the Focus works as smoothly as expected. But, there are a few deletions that have not been removed. I have not paid attention to syncing sequences since the January syncs.

    Before I check with Microsoft Answers and beyond, I'm going to experiment with sync-sequencing patterns, hoping not to find an issue because I don't want to have to PLAN syncing. But, I wanted to hear some tips, ideas, and thinking from Zune Forum members before I proceed.

    Has anyone experienced this non-removal from WPhone syncs? Are there other sync methods or tricks that I can try? BTW, I do only wired syncing with all devices.

    For those syncing Zune(HD)s along with phones, has anyone noticed any similar or other sequence-related issues. Thank you.
    02-23-2012 07:35 PM