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    My friend got a Lumia 920 with Rogers too like mine. On his phone there's a tab in the store for podcasts to download them and everything but on my Lumia 920 I can't see that. I remembered that I never had that since I got my phone. Is there a way to enable podcasts ? I can see podcasts in music but it says "It's empty here go to the store". Is there a fix for this ? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
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    I'm wondering this too. It tells you to download some podcasts from the store yet there are NO podcasts...or even a section for them...on the store.

    I imagine we're getting screwed out of those here in Canada just like we get screwed out of Nokia Music.
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    I suppose yea. But by switching my location to US i was able to get nokia music of the store so easily. U just go to language + region and switch to united states then restart phone and search the store for Nokia Music and u'll find but the podcasts thing doesn't work that way.. I'm not sure y
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    simply login to your xbox account on the xbox games app on your lumia 920. After this check your store , it should now show all the missing options.

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