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    My phone has a bum speaker and I am today returning it to the shop for a replacement. I have taken off all of my photos and videos and backed up my settings. I wanted to then delete all my data to ensure that nobody could access my emails, wallet etc. I went Settings>About> then factory reset. That was 20 mins ago, and all I got were the cogs. After 15 mins of having the cogs spin, I tried the volume down+power button reset. It flashed up on to the nokia screen and the went to the cogs again. 5 minutes elapsed without any sign of progress so I tried again. I now have just NOKIA displayed in the centre of my screen.

    Couple of things I need here:

    1) has all the data been deleted, ie passwords, accounts etc?
    2) can I revive the thing before I wander in to town for a replacement?

    Needless to say, I am not a happy bunny. I have seen the Nokia Care Suite download recommended before, but I went to Nokia.com and it was not available. Is it any use in this situation?
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    Sounds like your phone is bricked
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    Yep, I had got that far in to the solution myself... So annoyed with it!

    To be fair, I can cope with it not turning on etc, I just want to know that I have successfully cleared all the data from it.

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