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    Has anybody else had to file an insurance claim and had at&t? Did you get the same color you had? Or are they shipping one standard color?
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    I was asked what color I wanted from what colors were currently available (everything was available except of course for the color I wanted...Yellow).
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    Got my insurance replacement fast.. The lady I spoke with at the claim center did ask/confirm that I had a white one.. I didn't ask if I could change the color. I wanted white.
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    Ok cool
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    I had my black 920 replaced for battery issues. They didnt ask what color i had, I just assumed that they knew. They sent me a new black 920 in the mail 3 days later and i just swapped the sim card and put my old one in the same box and mailed it back. Pretty seamless process.

    And I have to say the set up process from my sky drive backup on the new phone was awesome. even downloaded all of my apps. All I had to do was move my tiles around on my home screen like I had them. Took 15 min.

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