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  1. Shakeel88's Avatar

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    Anybody else have this issue. I have to open the app always to see any missed calls or messages. Also If i close the app only then the calls come through. If i close it the call doesnt come through its only when i open it i see a missed call.

    Or am i doing something wrong? I thought it would run in the background
  2. iosub's Avatar

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    Is your phone wp8 or Wp7. In wp8 there is a background process, you don't need Skype to be open. But in Wp7 you must have the app open.

    Another issue that I have found is that you don't get notifications on Wp8 if you set the status of Skype as invisible

  3. Shakeel88's Avatar

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    Phone is wp8 and status is available. I've checked on my PC and phone and both are set to available
  4. dkp23's Avatar

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    Probably most have this issue and it goes back when Skype was released.
  5. Jaripi's Avatar

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    It seems that you have to log in Skype with your MS account to make the notifications to work (on background) ....
  6. HansTWN's Avatar

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    Did you turn on notifications? It seems to be turned off by default. If you have and it still doesn't work just uninstall Skype and reinstall. I did it once after I didn't received notifications and then it worked properly.
  7. Hao Jiang's Avatar

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    Try to unstall and re-install skype. The update mechanism of windows seems ruin notification sometimes. Same problem has appeared while updating my skype and wechat.
  8. nutnithin's Avatar

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    I get message notifications ontime but calls come in almost a min late if am not within the app and answering it just goes to the Skype app and disconnects..and I think your normal Skype login should be fine for notifications..maybe uninstall and reinstall will fix it
  9. Mykolas Volkus's Avatar

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    Skype notifications are totally random for me. Sometimes I get them instantly, sometimes I never get them. Same goes for Facebook app - I recently got a notification that someone liked my post A WEEK AGO, but no notifications about recent stuff and chats :( I'm really confused about all this inconsitency .
  10. Shakeel88's Avatar

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    Uninstalled and reinstalled Skype but same thing
  11. LumiaDream's Avatar

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    I'm on a Lumia 920 yellow, I uninstalled old Skype, got the new one, chose YES for background notifications, logged in with my MS account and did some testing on my GF's Skype. If I minimuze the app by pressing Windows button or if I back off the app I appear offline and no messages / calls are delivered. I HAVE to have the app on the screen for it to work.

    Completely and utterly useless, I cannot believe this.
  12. charming_arpit's Avatar

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    I am also facing the same issue since I updated Skype app to 2.4. Earlier it was working fine but now no notifications are popping up! Another bad update by Microsoft!
  13. Huime's Avatar

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    I get instant push for messages, but call it not working at background.
  14. markfive's Avatar

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    There's a thread for the new version of Skype here http://forums.windowscentral.com/win...3-19-13-a.html
  15. Daniel Ratcliffe's Avatar
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    Follow the link markfive gave. Closed.

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