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    I am having issues with my private address that resides on outlook.com being unable to sync my contacts list to my 920. Email seems to work perfectly. Is a reset the only way to resolve this?
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    I'm having the same problem and it's super frustrating.
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    Personally, I say use Google. Google supports CardDAV which is a 100x better than Outlook and it's ancient contact management.
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    I've been using live.com (outlook.com) email to sync contacts, calendar, etc for over a year on WP7.x and now 8 with no problems. What exactly are you seeing?
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    I merged my google contacts to my outlook.com contacts and they won't push down to the phone so for me I am syncing google contacts at the phone level. Would be nice to have one less sync account.
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    I am having the same issue.
    I merged gmail and facebook contacts to outlook.com but they are not synced to the phone (Lumia 820)
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    I have to ask, have you verified that all the contacts are available via the Outlook/Live/Hotmail web interface? Are you using Outlook desktop with MAPI connector? If so, close out Outlook desktop for awhile and let you phone sync.

    I found that Outlook desktop with MAPI sometimes dead locks the contacts so your phone won't pull them down or update them.

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