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    I posted this originally in the HTC 8x forum:

    My truck has bluetooth built in for music streaming and phone calls. When I connect my phone to my truck, the person I am talking to hears allot of noise/interference. On my end I don't hear any interference, the call sounds clear. This just stated when I switch to my new 8x phone. When I had my Samsung Charge, there was never an issue with sound quality. Same with my Droid 2. The sound quality was good on both ends. I don't understand how changing phones would have any bearing on this since the I am actually using the trucks built in speaker and mic.

    When I stream music using my bluetooth, I don't have any issue's either.

    I did UN-pair the phone then paired the phone again but still had the issue. I exchanged the phone with a new one, same thing.

    Any ideas?
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    Sorry, no ideas. My car has BT for hands free but not streaming (I wish it did streaming). When I got my Lumia 822 (coming from a Trophy), my wife said the new phone sounded a LOT better from her end (hearing me call her). On my end, it sounds the same (just fine).
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    I have an HTC 8X as well and I have serious call quality issues. People often complain that I sound so bad that continuing the conversation is tough. I have a BMW and previous was using a Blackberry 9900. Call quality was create using the integrated car Bluetooth until I got this Windows Phone. I don't know if it is the software or the hardware but I'm on the road frequently and can't manage like this so I might have to switch back which sucks!
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    The issue is definitely software. When I turn my phone on and off the Bluetooth call quality issues go away for a short time. I have to do this almost every day.

    Microsoft better get their sh_t together real soon.

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