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    A digital notepad, iota combines the power of today's modern smartphones with the ease and familiarity of a physical notepad.

    There's no "hunting & pecking" for navigation controls, the gesture-based navigation lets you navigate your notes with the flick of a finger or thumb, browsing your notes just as you would those in a physical notepad.

    Providing an integrated Windows Phone experience, iota allows the user to clip a picture to a note from the camera or their picture library. It is even possible to create a note from the Pictures Hub with the desired picture clipped to it.

    Flipping the note onto its reverse, you can apply keyword tags and, via Bing Maps, tag the note with a location. iota integrates with Local Scout so that, like with the Pictures Hub, a note can be created with a desired location already clipped to it.

    Filtering notes is as easy as tapping on a notepad or a tag listed on iota's home screen. The collection of notes will be filtered accordingly and presented as a notepad for you to browse through.

    iota is available in the Marketplace at an introductory price of $0.99.

    iota is free to trial with a limitation of 6 notes.

    Your digital notepad provides:

    * uncluttered & familiar user experience
    * effortless navigation of your notes
    * multiple notepads
    * quick categorisation of your notes with keywords
    * clipping of pictures to your notes
    * clipping of locations to your notes
    * sift notes according to keyword and notepad
    * integration with Local Scout
    * integration with Pictures Hub
    * pin notepads and tags to start screen for fast access

    All comments, questions & suggestions welcome ...




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