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Jan 14, 2011
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I have been a Surface Pro user for years. My first was a SP3 that shipped with the S.Pen. I've used that for 5 years and just purchased a SP7 i5/256GB model in early march. I've been using this for the past month also as a workstation replacement for my business. I'm using the Surface Dock at the office with muti-monitor setup. It's working as expected and allows me to take my work on the go and home every day.

With that said I wanted to point out a few things and see if anyone else here has similar observations and or experiences. The SP7 compared to the 3 seems to be a great update. Smaller bezels, little thinner and lighter but it also feels cheaper.

I do a lot of inking in OneNote and Drawboard PDF. The experience actually seems soother and better on the SP3 than the 7. I had less skipping and jumping around. Also a bit of lag at random times. The text was also smoother as the 7 makes it write a bit jagged and its not as fluid. Most of this experience is while connected to the dock as I am using one of my other monitors as the primary and the SP7 is a writing/note screen.

Just wanted to share some real observation and experience. I still like the product and would purchase again. Matter of fact I purchased the same model for the wife and replaced her office PC with it and same dock setup. She's still getting use to the digital inking but at least she wont loose her paper notes anymore. LOL - If anyone has some inking tips please do share. Thanks for the ear.


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Mar 1, 2011
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Thanks for the impressions. I use my pen often but usually it's just for navigation. Probably why I haven't noticed an issue with the pen. Though, it does feel smoother than writing on my Go.


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May 25, 2011
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We have a range of Surface devices here and I've owned nearly all of them. Currently using the i7 model from the 7 range. other than slightly rounded edges, it feels 'exactly the same as the Surface Pro 3. Literally next to no difference. Heck, you'd have to look closely to tell the difference other than the obious port change.

According to the people over at the tablet pc review forum, the stylus action(s) have improved from the Surface Pro 3. Greatly. Could something be a bit odd with the configuration?
Sep 19, 2015
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I've got an old Surface GO. I've just started to try inking my teacher comments into my Class Notebook students pages, and it's a super messy affair. Whenever I write a decimal number, like soon as I write the decimal, everything goes haywire, and my 'cursor' goes flying up the page and my lines get all goofy. I've tried all sorts of settings; i've watched YouTube vids; this, along with the super annoying pop-up on-screen keyboard...which I still can't get rid of, is driving me crazy! I've tried all sorts of fixes to stop the on-screen keyboard from randomly popping up, but nothing works. I can sort of live with it. But the other random wackiness of the pen-inking functionality is almost making it useless. Any tips?

Actually, it might be more of a Class Notebook/OneNote problem; inking seems fine using Whiteboard...
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