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    Using your own personal world climate database is the best way to start planning for your next vacation.

    Learn about geography, plan your next vacation or event, or just browse through maps and charts to satisfy your curiosity. Weather Stats is your one authoritative source for finding monthly weather records and averages for more than 26,820 cities in 250 countries worldwide. The climatological information database is used by permission from weatherbase.com. Weather Stats accurately shows high, low and average temperatures and precipitation data.

    Statistical database is updated every quarter. Most functions of the app (excluding mapping and full-text search) work both offline and online. Various units and search methods are supported. Voronoi tessellations can optionally be shown on the map to visualize appropriate regions for each weather station. App also integrates with Bing local search to bring you weather history information for your favorite places within one click.

    Weather Stats is absolutely free and contains no advertisement.

    I hope for your support and marketplace reviews.

    Get it here:

    02-06-2012 09:31 PM

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