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Feb 4, 2012
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I?m proud to present the new version of my weather statistics app for windows phone 7 ? ?Weather Stats?. Even though I had a terrible experience publishing it (for some inexplicable reason this innocent weather app got banned from China marketplace for ?political reasons? and by inexplicable I literally mean inexplicable, i.e. both certification and policy team failed to give me any explanation for that failure even after a month wasted on support tickets), I?m still proud to present this new version, just released today. Many people here helped me make this app what it is now. If you had a beta version installed ? it is time to uninstall it, head to marketplace and install the real final version (1.1). If you had version 1.0 installed, you will hopefully get update notification real soon. If you have not tried ?Weather Stats? before ? why not try it now? It is absolutely free and contains no ads!

Weather Stats is a unique app that shows weather averages across more than 26800 locations around the globe! A lot of valuable information is available for each such location. Position on the map, Wikipedia link, high and low temperatures, precipitation and now, only in this newly released update ? local time, time zone, sunrise/sunset and even a length of day chart for the year! If you ever wonder about the climatological statistics for your current location or just want to know what is the best time of year to visit the city of Arctic Bay (Nunavut, Canada) - this app is for you. And honestly who doesn?t wonder about when is the best time to visit the city of Arctic Bay? Well, now you can be sure. It is terribly cold there. And it is terribly dark during winter there too.

There are other nifty features that, I hope, would be appreciated by some of you. GPS integration, quick search, offline SQL CE database and app connect integration. There is even a map with Voronoi tessellations used to interactively show the closest weather stations to your location and areas where their data would be most accurate. As always, I will appreciate if you download the app and leave some marketplace comments for it. So please head over to:


and grab ?Weather Stats? while it is hot. Or cold. It really depends on what the weather is like.

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