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    Hello Windows Central community, here I would like to introduce a new client application to the Windows Phone store (hopefully Windows 8.1 and WPF later on). This client application is to the service "Bandsintown". The service allows you to view local concerts within specific mile radius, search and see artists, events, and various venues. You can also track your favorite artists and receive emails based on their upcoming events.

    On the account of the client application, I cannot implement EVERY feature that is within both the website and their mobile app for Android and iOS due to the data provided in their free and legal Web API. I have still come up with the main features of the application and website like being able to see events locally within a specific mile radius, viewing events that are on sale (choice of mile radius or worldwide), search for artists, events, and venues, as well as a multitude of options. This native Bandsintown application will have so many more features when I am finished with the base of it. Here are some features I am currently working on: Search events/venues, user choice of mile radius, Cortana voice commands and search, ability to track artists, toast notifications based on local events and tracked artists, and live tile notifications on local events and pinned artists on start screen.

    As this application is in beta, I would like for it to be tested before I I start working on the features mentioned. If you would like to test the application, you may sign up HERE and also see screenshots of the application. Please remember this is in a beta stage, so if you have any suggestions, questions and/or feedback, please send this within the application email task or review it in the store.

    A FEW NOTES; NOTE 1: This application uses the user location without asking on startup (another features I intend to implement), however their is a setting to disable it. NOTE 2: When signing up for beta, please use the email provided on your windows phone Microsoft Account, thanks!

    Happy testing!!
    01-06-2015 11:17 AM
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    Yes man. I live in Vegas and I'm always looking for a good Jazz concert in town
    ZackTheNever likes this.
    01-06-2015 12:18 PM

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